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Effective July 19, 2021

The following Toto Drake Toilets will be sold as complete units only!!!

Tank and Bowl






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Effective 6.30.21

Toto price .excel 6.30.21

Toto price book .pdf9.10.21








TOTO toilets and sinks offer classic style with contemporary design and exceptional performance. Whether it's sleek, seamless construction of their one piece design, or a more traditional two piece model. TOTO makes a sink or toilet to fit every taste. Plus a full line of Eco/water sense toilets.



TOTO Stock List .pdf format


**items are discontinued and limited in stock**

##items are not being stocked anymore and are limited in stock##



The Brenner Company stocks all the TOTO toilets and pedestal sinks in white, bone and sedona beige, along with many of their other products.




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